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Character Name: Duo Maxwell
Canon: Gundam Wing
Age: 20
Canon Point: Post EW, AC 200
Bender: Air - Duo is a very free spirit, with a fun-loving, compassionate personality that fits in with the way of life that most Air Nomads practice. While he does have a temper and can be provoked in to fights (which does go against their mostly pacifist morals) his method of fighting often follows more indirect action as he doesn't actually want to hurt anyone. He just happens to be a bit of a trouble magnet.
How quickly will they learn how to bend? Duo is a fairly quick study when he puts his mind to it, so he'll learn the basics of Air Bending in probably a month and a half to two months.
Weapons: None
Questions/Notes: None


Duo is a lanky young adult, with a thin frame that fits his 5'8", 133 lb body. But don't let his slightness fool you - he's stronger than he looks, and quick on his feet as well. He has a unique hair style, with chestnut brown-colored hair pulled back in to a constantly present three-foot braid and a messy fringe of bangs that hang over his blue eyes. A grin is almost as constant, revealing the cheerful side that he uses to often hide the darker nature he tries so hard to keep beneath the surface. Like Quatre, he has a tattoo related to his Gundam on his back, though his are the wings of Deathscythe Hell.


For Duo, it is often best to compare him to the rest of the pilots when looking at his personality and over all traits. Really, when one thinks of the general stoic nature of characters like Wufei, Heero and Trowa, or in contrast the calm and gentle nature of Quatre, Duo stands far and wide apart from all of them in how he acts, reacts and sees the world around himself. None of them truly act like normal teenagers. Mostly because they’re just not able to with what the world has thrown at them and what they’ve experienced in their short life time, but Duo is probably the most willing of the four of them to say “let’s just kick back and have fun” when things are peaceful.

Outwardly, he’s optimistic, energetic, bordering on hyperactive. It wouldn’t be right to call him ‘care free’ but he might appear that way to the uninformed. He’s friendly, enough to make at least momentary connections with people easily, though one might be hard pressed to find people who actually consider him a close friend. For those he is close to, though, a pat on the back, a touch on the shoulder or even a hug might be in order for them. He likes to be there for his friends and let them know that he is, even if they themselves don't particularly care for such affections. He's a connoisseur of bad jokes, likes to make people laugh even if it's just at his own hyper activity and sometimes idiocy, and does what he can to make people around him feel better if they are down. As taxing as his near-constant exuberance can be on others who are naturally calmer than him, his natural charisma makes him fairly popular wherever he goes.

This is, of course, only one side of him, and while both sides may bleed in to each other from time to time (cynicism in to his optimism, ego or annoying, brat-ish qualities in to his fighting, ect), the part of him that’s a soldier and a terrorist is something he’d rather keep to himself unless absolutely necessary. It is not a pleasant sight, seeing a sixteen year old call himself The God of Death while vowing to destroy anyone who gets in his way, but it’s a very real and very dangerous thing for him. He saw enough death in those 16 years that he refuses to be an impartial by stander with the innocent are being harmed. If battle is what it takes to end suffering, then a soldier he will be, and to this end he moves in swift and silent to complete his work only to fade out as a shadow when he’s done.

Though willing to make friends, he tries to keep newer relationships at an arms length, always quietly afraid that he’s just going to lose them soon after. He knows from experience that anyone can be taken, regardless of who they are, what they do, or how many years they've lived. As much as he tries to not get close, though, he really does wind up caring too much in the end. This makes him all the more willing to defend those he considers friends in a bad situation, even going to far as to put himself in harms way to keep them safe, or doing something stupid to rescue them from a bad situation. Betrayal was a common thing living out on the streets, and when he was younger trust didn’t come easy, but his time with the pilots has mended some of that hurt and he’s a little more willing to trust once he’s known a person long enough. He’s more aware now that it often takes team work to survive in difficult times, that there’s power in numbers, even if he may still be prone to stupid showboating or even pointless heroics from time to time. Of course any person willing to befriend Duo has to get past the fact that he can be quite the annoying, loud mouthed, ego-driven brat. But he’s a loyal annoying, loud mouthed ego-driven brat at least.

For all that, Duo is one thing, and that is an unexpected survivor. Life has taken a battering ram to the boy and every time he’s gotten back up on his feet and continued forward in situations that would have brought grown, strong men to their knees. There’s no point in looking back to him. Nothing but pain lies that way, and he’d rather focus on a future where he has a chance of making something of himself that doesn’t rely on war and anguish. He knows that he’ll never be “normal”. No one can be normal after war, it’s just a fact. But he wants to keep putting one foot in front of the other just so he can get as close to normal as he possibly can. He isn’t jaded, not just yet anyway, and he’d rather not get that bad, forcing him to do everything he can to move himself towards that brighter future.

The pilots’ successes that overshadowed any of their terrible losses has probably contributed a lot to this. He’s seen death, he’s delivered death, and his eyes have seen the terrible, awful things people in anger and burning righteousness can do, but he’s also seen what good hearts can do and it’s those moments when people rose up against a new war and said “No, we won’t have this” that give his heart the strength to keep hold of whatever optimism is left. He knows now not everything is a losing battle, and even losing ones can be won by the right actions.


In the year A.C 180, a boy was born on colony L2 V08-774.

What happened after that was a mystery.

Duo's earliest memories were not of a loving family, but of living as an orphan on the streets of the L2 colony, namely with a gang of other orphaned children and their leader, a boy simply known as Solo. It was Solo who gave him the name, and Solo that kept him protected.

But being an orphan meant he would be no stranger to tragedy, and before long a plague struck the colony. Rich and well off residents of the colony were able to quickly and easily acquire a vaccine to save themselves, but the poor, destitute and homeless were left to die.

Duo tried to steal some of the vaccine, but failed, and Solo died in his arms. Duo moved on after that and rallied his own group of orphans, often leading them on raids of the various food stores and grocer carts in order to get what they needed to survive.

Unfortunately Duo got too bold for his own good. Tired of the military occupation on the colony and how they treated the less than fortunate, he decided to stage a raid on a military installation in order to get in to their food and supply stores. It went poorly, and they wound up having to run while the military, uncaring of the fact that they were children, began to shoot at them. When the returned to their hide out, it was promptly raided by the very same military personnel that had spotted them. The kids were round up and put in to the orphanage owned by the Maxwell Church, run by Father Maxwell and Sister Helen.

Eventually all the orphaned children were placed in foster homes, except for Duo who kept getting sent back. Father Maxwell commented that little Duo reminded him of himself at that age, and understood just how hard it was for him to adjust to his new life. From then on the church and orphanage was Duo's permanent home.

It was said that there was always laughter in the church after that, but the happiness was not to last. Fighting on the colony broke out, and a terrorist group held the orphanage hostage, demanding a mobile suit, a large piece of mobile fighting equipment used primarily in war, in payment. Duo, dismayed and angered at their behavior and the fighting they'd brought to a place that was supposed to be a peaceful sanctuary, promised to retrieve a mobile suit for them under the terms that they would leave the church and take their fighting elsewhere.

Duo succeeded in this dangerous task, but it was in vain. The Alliance came down on the terrorist faction and indiscriminately destroyed the church. Everyone inside, including Father Maxwell and Sister Helen perished, leaving Duo the only survivor of the tragedy.

Heart broken, crushed at his loss, he moved on, taking with him three things that became the most important objects in his destitute life: his long, braided hair that Sister Helen had taught him how to do, a small silver cross on a chain that was also a gift from Helen, and his priest's outfit that was a gift from Father Maxwell. With that, he also finally claimed a last name in memory of that place, and a nickname for all the death he'd seen in his life. He was no longer an orphan named Duo, but Duo Maxwell, the Shinigami, or 'God of Death'.

He fell back quickly on old habits, stealing to survive and living on the streets, but from time to time still got himself caught. It seemed no prison could truly hold one as crafty as Duo, though, and he rarely stayed in one place for very long.

Eventually he stowed away on a ship run by Professor G. The ship was part of a sweeper salvage group and had some of the highest security of any vessel in space. That in mind, Professor G was impressed by Duo's tenacity and ability to get past his security systems with such ease. Declaring that he 'may run and hide but never tell a lie' to the professor, Duo was hired on the spot to become another one of the Sweepers he employed.

Duo was placed on the original Operation Meteor, a plan to send five special mobile suits known as Gundams with pilots to cause a colony to crash to Earth and descend with the plan to take over in the ensuing chaos. Having grown attached to the Gundam they had built, and knowing the plan of a mass genocide was just wrong, he decided Deathscythe shouldn't be used for such a thing and tried to sabotage the mission.

Professor G found him before he was able to detonate the explosives he'd planted, and instead gave him a new ultimatum: steal Gundam Deathscythe and exact revenge on OZ on his own terms as the true God of Death. He agreed, unaware that he was one of five pilots that had been trained and given the exact same instructions from their respective professors and doctors involved in the Operation Meteor project.

He descended to Earth discretely around the same time as the other pilots and went in to hiding, waiting patiently for a sign when he could make his first move. Staying with a friend of Professor G only known as Howard, he hung out on Howard's salvaging ship on the ocean, biding his time.

Eventually he did meet up with the other pilots, their interactions often awkward and uncertain as it was difficult to tell who was on which side, and who was really wanting to take their revenge on OZ. Several times loyalties were tested amongst them, but Duo always did his best to stay true to his word, keeping with his 'I never tell a lie' motto. Many battles were fought, some against OZ and Rommafeller, some against each other, but with these battles further understanding amongst the five of them was found.

In the end they were able to come together, a common goal finally decided in the need to defeat the forces oppressing both the Earth and the space colonies, and with their Gundams and their piloting skills, they put an end to the long and deadly war that had been raging for so long. Peace was found, but with it, there was no longer a need for soldiers like Duo and his friends. Despite the friendships that had been built during that long year, Duo found himself alone and wandering once more.

He returned to salvaging work, as well other odd jobs like making deliveries and helping out Howard and the remaining Sweepers (since Professor G had sacrificed himself along with the other doctors and professors in the final battle board Libra) when he could. Several times he wound up dodging attempts on his life, and found through various channels that the other pilots were having similar problems, especially Quatre Winner. Quatre had taken over his father's company, Winner Enterprises, and put himself front and center in the world of industry, making him a publicly known figure even after being a Gundam pilot.

It was Quatre's idea to send the Gundams in to the sun to destroy them completely in hopes of stopping the assassination attempts. Only four of the five agreed, Chang Wufei being oddly reluctant to give up his Gundam Altron. Putting their Gundams on an auto-piloted ship with a course set for the sun, they thought they would be saying goodbye to fighting forever.

However any hopes for that were dashed when a young girl claiming to be the daughter of late military activist Treize Khushrenada appeared and declared war on the entire Earth Sphere Alliance, claiming that they did not yet 'deserve peace'. Her grandfather, Dekim Barton, had been on the original Operation Meteor, and still had the power to drop a colony on to Earth and restart the war that had been ended nearly a year previous. With Heero Yuy and Trowa Barton (no actual relation to Dekim) they were able to infiltrate and stop the colony from dropping. Meaning, Wufei, having felt even more lost during the time of peace, actually joined with Marimeia Khushrenada's army and eventually engaged Heero in battle with their Gundams in an attempt to find his true purpose.

Once the battle was over, Duo assisted in driving back Marimeia's forces on Earth while Heero went to confront the girl herself. He was able to break through her bunker using the power of Gundam Wing Zero and destroy most of it in the process, and with additional assitance from Relena Darlan and Lady Une, convince Marimeia that she didn't need to continue the war. Unfortunately Dekim, who was driven to do just that, snapped mentally and shot the girl, only to be shot in turn by a Preventer agent under the guise of one of Marimeia's soldiers. The would-be war was averted.

Duo, Quatre, and Trowa took their Gundams, using self district to destroy them completely, once and for all. Heero and Wufei did the same, only in separate places, sticking to their loner attitudes even after all they had been through. Despite this, none of them denied that true friendships had finally been forged through the fires that brought along peace.

Feeling released from his burden as a pilot and a soldier, Duo returned to his life as a salvage mechanic, opening his own shop, ready to start his life as a normal young adult.


Duo's top skills are tied between being an expert Gundam pilot and an experienced thief. However since his Gundam is no longer in existence, and really, there's no need for him to be a thief at all, he's traded his skills in to more reasonable ones, namely salvaging and mechanics, both trades he enjoys and even made his own business out of. That’s not to say he can’t still do both - the need to do so would have to be pretty great, though.

He is also incredibly agile, gifted with great reflexes, quick on his feet, and even quicker with his wit. His fighting style is generally that of street fighting rather than a practiced martial art, and he often surprises his enemy by being so difficult to take down/keep down, most mistaking his sloppy speech patterns and poor posture as that of some one who can't defend themselves. He is far more observant and aware than most would give him credit for. He’s not a great hand to hand fighter by any means, though, and probably loses just as much as he wins.

He’s also proficient with fire arms and explosives, though the extent of this proficiency is only touched on in canon. Safe to assume he can at least fire a gun with decent accuracy and can make a decent hole in a wall if need be.

Along with his salvaging abilities, he can hot wire vehicles with ease and get even the most temperamental car to run.

Third Person:

It wasn't the kind of life Duo was expecting, though damned if he knew why he wasn't expecting it. It was in the name, wasn't it? "Air Nomads". As if that didn't explain it all.

Maybe it was because his mind was still muddled. Maybe it was the part of him that kept insisting that this wasn't 100% right, that there was some where else that he belonged, but his first few days "back home" (at least that was what that creepy smiling lady had insisted it was called) had been an adjustment for him. In spite of the nomadic nature of the tribe, he still felt strangely cut off from everything. There was only two radios between everyone that he lived with, and they were always set up in communal areas where families gathered to listen to broadcasts, but beyond that there just wasn't much of the outside world that reached them. And the level of technology that was available was even less than a lot of the other nations.

One of the things that kept him calm was tending to the animals the sanctuary, and it kept him from thinking about how much he was struggling with this whole air bending thing. It was just a weird concept. He really didn't have that calm of a mind, so why this... ? It all seemed so contradictory. The others assured him he'd catch on eventually, but he'd been having doubts on that already.

He often spent his time at the sanctuary more often than not, mostly to avoid his training, and today was no exception.

A content winged lemur was curled up sleeping on his chest as his fingers idly ran through it's fur, eyes closed as he, too dozed lightly. He wasn't really asleep so much as resting, and he would have stayed that way if a strong wind had not slammed in to him so hard he nearly toppled off the branch of the tree he was laying on.

The lemur went tumbling in to the air, recovering mid-flight and turning around to chitter both at Duo and the offending bender before flying away. Groaning, Duo scrambled back up to his perch, giving an annoyed look to the young girl who was a little younger than he was.

"Wake up, Duo! I'm not letting you miss training again!"

"Buzz off, wouldya? You ruined a perfectly good nap!"

The girl glared at him, fists on her hips, but soon enough the glare faded in to a more downcast expression.

Great. He was getting puppy eyes.

"... please? If you just keep trying I'm sure you'll get it sooner or later."

"Gonna be later, the rate I'm goin'..." Duo muttered, though the edge had worn off his voice already. She continued to pout, and that was all it took to get him to sigh, roll his eyes, and drop down to the ground.

"Fine. But I'm only doin' it cause you asked, okay?"



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